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The Ultimate 90 Day Planner Designed By A Mom For Moms Who Make It All Happen!

It’s the ultimate goal-smashing sidekick for busy moms...designed by a busy working mom!

Balance your priorities so that you can run a successful businessattend to your family, and still have some time left for yourself.

Hey there, if you are like me, I feel like I already know you...

...YOU are an unstoppable mom who really can have it all. You're all about family, work, and trying to find some "me time" in between.

But all of the planners I could find out there seem like they were created by people who don't have kids to balance. They all had one thing in common: they only focus on business goals...

...but we all know that life isn't that neat and nicely packaged.

Sometimes you're in the middle of a work project, but you have to take your kid to the doctor.

Your "me time" gets lost in the shuffle because it wasn't planned.

That's why I created this planner. It's what I actually use to balance my priorities so that I can run a successful business, attend to my family, and still have some time left for myself...

She Did It All Planner

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This planner is the tool that helps you take your life to the next level by creating a plan that works for your lifestyle and all aspects of motherhood!

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Here’s What You’ll Find Inside The She Did It All Planner

A 200 page hard cover, spiral, easy to use and carry with you whenever you go - to the doctor, to the office, or to journal during your "me time". Map your goals and put them on the schedule. Use the left side (your work space) and the right side (your action space) to tackle tasks and mom-life with ease!

90 day goals

I've found that most “big” projects can be accomplished in 90 days with a simple plan. And personal goals fit nicely within this model.

What I learn in my current 90 day goal sprint sets me up for success in the next goal cycle. It allows for a quick pivot or change of course. For example, summer months are WAY different than school months. A 90 day goal cycle allows me to adjust plans accordingly.

This planner is designed to create a set of 90 day goals, break them down into monthly goals and then into weekly targets and daily tasks.

Monthly goals

The planner will help you break the 90 day goals down into monthly goals. Those goals are what needs to be accomplished in the first month, second month and third month to assure success.

For example: If my 90 day goal is to improve my fitness level so I can rock climb with my kids this summer, I could break that down into monthly goals that would eliminate the need to change too much at once.

The She Did It All Planner will guide you through the entire process!

Weekly Tasks

Now that we have 90 day and monthly goals, we can generate weekly tasks to get us to those goals. I like to call the weekly and daily items TASKS because at this level, these should be doable steps instead of “pie in the sky” goals.

Simply look and see what steps would you need to take to get that monthly goal done in 4 weeks.

Again, this planner will guide you through it!

Daily Tasks

Finally, the weekly tasks can be broken down into BABY STEP daily tasks. And just because it says DAILY doesn’t mean that you have to do something every day. That's where your schedule knowledge comes in when assessing what each weekly task REALLY needs during the week to get it done

For instance, in the climbing scenario above, during month 1 the daily task would be walking each morning for 20 minutes, and then in month 2 walking each day would continue along with an exercise class would be scheduled 3 times during the week.

Let’s talk about your planner in more depth...


Goal Activities:

Your goal activities for the day are listed above your to-do list for a reason...these are the things that will get you to where you want to go!


To-do List: 

By the end of the day, it's your goal to have everything crossed off from goal activities, schedule and to-do list, which means you go to bed with a sense of accomplishment! 


My Health:

Let’s agree not to ignore our bodies and minds. It is easy to view your health as less important than other things on the list...or push it off until another time.


Brainstorm box

This blank box is a place where you can brainstorm new ideas, add more “to do” items if you run out of room, doodle, draw, etc. Write a motivational quote or an affirmation here. You can use this space however works best for you!


I am grateful for:

I like to do this as part of my morning routine. It helps set the day off with a positive thought. When I do this early in the day, it sets me up for a pattern of recognizing more things to be grateful for even on the busiest of days.


Today’s Schedule:

I keep my appointments on a Google calendar that's accessible from my computer or phone. It is also shared with my husband and work team (as needed). Each morning (or the night before), I will transfer the day’s appointments to this box, including time. It helps me figure out when my blocks of time for work will fit and what things from my to-do list could piggyback onto the schedule.


Timer boxes:

I learned this from one of my dear friends and mentors, Laurie Turk, who writes TipJunkie.com. It has been a work-changing tip: set a timer for the amount of time you have to devote to something and work until it goes off. If you get interrupted, just pause the timer. If you get done early, you get to stop. If you aren’t done when the timer goes off, stop anyway. At least you made progress.


Notes section:

This area has a million uses, but here are a few suggestions that have worked well for me in the past: journaling, notes from work sessions, record ideas as they pop up, write down data that you only need for a few days, doodle, note tips for future, write today’s meal plan or anything else that is helpful to keep yourself organized.


What I want to remember from today:

I started writing this down recently after I realized how thankful I was to have memories recorded in the form of blog posts from my early writings. Those silly things that kids say or do seem like they will be remembered forever, but they most often aren’t unless you record them. The ridiculous things that happen during the day that make you laugh need to be written down! They make your next hard day so much easier by just flipping back through the book and remembering why this is all so important.

This planner gave me the structure to accomplish my goals, manage my family, find some "me time" and actually enjoy the process of all of it! Managing your life 90 days at a time in this way is the one thing that will make the biggest difference for you!  


But that's not all, there are lots of other bonuses...

When you buy the She Did It All Planner, you'll also gain access to these amazing bonuses

Bonus 1
How To Use The 90-Day Planner To Smash Your Work, Personal, and Family Goals

I know how you feel. You purchase a planner, get your hands on it and think to yourself, "ok what's next? Where do I start?" 

Holly Homer - the creator of the She Did It All Planner will walk you through how to use it in a very valuable but entertaining video, so you can start knocking those "things" off your list in no time!

To make the most of your copy of Holly Homer’s exclusive 90 Day Planner, join Holly Homer for an exclusive online seminar where she’ll teach you exactly how to put your 90 Day Planner into action. She’ll teach you the WHY and the HOW of using your planner to reach your goals in all areas of your life. Learn proven strategies for setting goals around parenting, work, personal, and home life and participate in a live Q+A session to have your most burning productivity questions answered!

Bonus 2
Lifetime Access to Expert Video Series on Family Life

We’ve brought together 15 of the world’s best parenting, child development, and family experts to tackle motherhood’s biggest challenges. They’re going to show you how to navigate the tough moments, make those big parenting decisions, trust your instincts as a mom, and put the fun back into motherhood! While our experts WON’T be teaching you how to be that perfect Martha Stewart mom, they WILL be giving you the tools, strategies, and tips that matter most.

That’s because our speakers are REAL moms who understand the messiness of motherhood...from the still-not-done laundry to running errands in yesterday’s makeup. Join them as they cover the most hard hitting topics for moms....including potty training, discipline, education, relationships, navigating special needs, self-care, and so much more!

Bonus 3
3 Months of Printables Access For In-Home Entertainment For Your Kids

What’s a printable, you ask?! A printable is an instant download that can be printed at home to occupy kids quickly. They’re a mom’s greatest secret weapon for creating spontaneous quality time, engaging active minds, and conquering the dreaded “mom, I’m boooored!” 

Get 3 months access to our printable play library with hundreds of activities like coloring pages, worksheets, printable games, printable toys, checklists, organization charts and so much more! 

Kids love picking out a new activity every time, and you’ll love handing them an enriching experience instead of a screen! Best of all, our printables come in a variety of topics, skills, and age groups to ignite the imagination of every child.

Bonus 4
Private Online Event with Holly and Jamie For Expert Product Recommendations For Moms

Join Holly & Jamie for an exclusive Playing Motherhood event! They will be hosting an episode of Holly & Jamie Try Stuff just for us. It will cover some As Seen on TV products geared toward moms as well as the {more serious} product recommendations of the Playing Motherhood speakers. Come along for the giggles...you might even learn something!

Here's a Recap of What You'll Get With Your 90-Day She Did It All Planner To Accomplish Your Goals
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Get so organized you’ll make other moms wonder what your secret sauce is... 

Finally meet your goals, finish projects, and get the kids where they're going ON TIME! Note down what you're grateful for and don't forget your most memorable moments.

Track your health and have space for some free-flowing thoughts and notes. The date free layout makes journaling and using the planner guilt free even if you miss a day!

All this and TONS OF BONUSES...there will never be a better time to grab this deal!

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Special offer! Buy a bundle of two Planners and get a  $21 discount  and FREE SHIPPING

Holly Homer - author, blogger, She Did It All planner creator.

As an author, blogger, speaker, and product-creator, Holly has been sharing, guiding, and inspiring moms all over the world for over a decade. 

Her blog, Kidsactivities.com, and her kid's activities books have become staples for moms as they interact and teach their kids at every age. There are over 200,000 books (and counting) in circulation.   

In the e-commerce world, she and her partner Jamie have also sold over 1.5 million dollars in products that moms love.

Holly's biggest passion is teaching others what she's been able to learn. She speaks on stages all over the country at mom-centric, blogging, and marketing conferences to share her knowledge. Her radio, podcast, and TV appearances include Social Media Examiner and Today Show. 

Here’s what people are saying about the planner creator

Arena Blake

I am getting so much more done in my daily life!

I've never really been a "goal" person, but using the She Did It All Planner has helped me move toward actually accomplishing some of my projects (or goals...gasp!). It breaks things down into daily tasks that seem so much more manageable. I am getting so much more done in my daily life!

Debbie Tom

I am a mom of 7. This planner gave me back my sanity

As a working mom with 7 children I needed a planner to keep my schedule and my mind organized. This planner gave me back my sanity. Holly has amazing family, kids, and business tips I've been relying on for years. What I've learned from Holly is: take baby steps do what I can at the moment and know I am doing the best I can. Everything will fall into place if I keep focused on my goals. She is amazing at reminding us not to compare ourselves and our lives with others.

Imee Gusich

Learned so much about how to manage my schedule better 

Holly is the epitome of the girl who can do it all! I have learned so much about how to manage my schedule better and be more productive in my work. 

She did it all planner + BONUSES




  • How To Use Your 90-Day Planner With Proven Strategies
  • 12 Expert Interviews (20+ Hours of Content) + MP3 Recordings for Every Session - $294 Value
  • 3 Month Access To The Printables Library - $30 Value
  • Private Virtual Event With Holly and Jamie

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

We have a full 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. No questions asked. Just email us and we will take care of you!

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Jennifer Fishkind

She is truly one of those people who can do it all 

​Holly truly amazes me. She is juggling so many different balls, but always has it all together. She is truly one of those people who can do it all and still remembers to cross her t's and dot her i's!

Becky North

 I want to know all of her secrets!

In order to do EVERYTHING that Holly does you know she has to have her stuff together. As a fellow mom, and business owner I want to know all of her secrets and tips to being successful and present for both.

Laura Harris

I learned from her simple, effective time and energy management techniques.

I have been so impressed with Holly’s ability to juggle multiple business with grace and ease, while still spending meaningful time with her family. During the time that I was part of Holly’s team, I learned from her simple, effective time and energy management techniques that helped me to grow my business. Whenever Holly shares a tool or lesson, I pay attention! She is the real deal when it comes to helping women soar in their business and life.

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A personal note from

Holly Homer

Hey, Moms!

From one mom to another mom, I know firsthand how hectic it is to try and be superwoman every day at work, for your family, with your friends, and in countless other roles you play. 

The secret is that you really can do it all because you're absolutely incredible, but  you need a plan. This planner is designed to help you win in every area of your life without losing your sanity. 

The most important person in your life is you because you're the one who holds it all together. It's my hope that you'll use this planner as a tool to take care of yourself so that you can tackle each day working toward the goals in your life.